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Basic IT Course

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3 Months



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1 to 2 hrs

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Course Description

The Basic IT Course provides comprehensive training in fundamental computer skills and essential software applications. Participants will learn about computer hardware components, operating systems, internet browsing techniques, email management, and productivity software like Microsoft Office and Google Suite. The course also covers troubleshooting techniques for software and hardware issues, computer security and data privacy best practices, and an introduction to computer programming concepts. Additionally, participants will gain hands-on experience in tasks such as file management, multimedia playback, online gaming, and social media usage. The course emphasizes online safety, introduces cloud computing and storage, and explores various online tools for tasks like banking, shopping, and entertainment. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in IT skills and be able to navigate the digital world with confidence.

Course Content

    Basic IT
  • Introduction to computers and IT concepts
  • Understanding computer hardware components
  • Operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Introduction to computer networks and the internet
  • Web browsing and internet searching techniques
  • Email basics: creating accounts, composing, and managing emails
  • Introduction to productivity software (Microsoft Office, Google Suite)
  • Word processing: creating and formatting documents
  • Spreadsheet management: data entry, formulas, and charts
  • Creating presentations with slideshows
  • File management: organizing, copying, and moving files
  • Basic troubleshooting techniques for software and hardware issues
  • Computer security and data privacy best practices
  • Introduction to computer programming concepts
  • Introduction to HTML and website development
  • Playing and managing media files (audio, video)
  • Introduction to online gaming and gaming platforms
  • Introduction to social media platforms and online communication
  • Basic image editing and manipulation
  • Introduction to cloud computing and online storage
  • Introduction to online shopping and e-commerce
  • Introduction to online banking and financial transactions
  • Introduction to online streaming services (Netflix, YouTube, etc.)
  • Basic video editing and creation
  • Introduction to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)
  • Setting up and managing Wi-Fi networks
  • Introduction to digital photography and photo editing
  • Online safety and security: protecting personal information
  • Introduction to computer programming languages (Python, JavaScript)
  • Basic data analysis and visualization with spreadsheets
  • Introduction to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
  • Introduction to data backup and recovery methods
  • Introduction to computer hardware upgrades and maintenance
  • Creating and managing online calendars and scheduling tools
  • Introduction to online collaboration tools (Google Docs, Trello)
  • Introduction to online job search and career development tools
  • Introduction to online learning platforms and resources
  • Introduction to online music streaming and music creation
  • Introduction to online video conferencing and communication tools
  • Introduction to home automation and smart devices
  • Introduction to online forums and community platforms
  • Introduction to online language learning platforms
  • Introduction to data entry and basic data management
  • Introduction to e-book readers and digital libraries
  • Introduction to online travel planning and booking tools
  • Introduction to online food delivery and restaurant apps
  • Introduction to online fitness and health tracking apps
  • Introduction to online mapping and navigation tools
  • Introduction to online language translation tools
  • Introduction to online weather forecasting tools
  • Introduction to online event management

The Instructor

Our instructor for this course has 5 years of experience, bringing extensive knowledge and expertise to the class

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