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1 Month

Course Description

Welcome to our comprehensive graphics designing course, where you will learn the foundations of web development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. In this course, we will dive into HTML, the building block of every website, and teach you how to structure web pages, create forms, embed media, and optimize for search engines. Explore the world of CSS, where you will discover the power of styling and layout. Learn how to design visually appealing websites, customize fonts, colors, and backgrounds, and make your pages responsive for different devices. Take your web development skills to the next level with JavaScript. Discover its versatility as we guide you through interactive elements, dynamic content, and client-side scripting to enhance user experiences. Additionally, you will learn how to leverage Bootstrap, a popular framework that simplifies web development. Master its pre-built components, responsive grid system, and CSS styling to create professional-looking websites efficiently. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to apply your skills through hands-on projects and exercises, creating engaging web pages, designing intuitive user interfaces, and developing interactive features.

Course Content

  • Introduction to React.js and its role in web development
  • Setting up a React development environment
  • Understanding JSX (JavaScript XML) syntax
  • Creating functional and class components
  • Working with React props and state
  • Rendering elements and components
  • Handling events in React
  • Conditional rendering and dynamic content
  • Working with lists and keys
  • Understanding React component lifecycle
  • Managing forms and user input
  • Using React hooks (useState, useEffect, etc.)
  • Managing state with Redux
  • Asynchronous operations with Redux Thunk or Redux Saga
  • Routing and navigation with React Router
  • Working with APIs and making HTTP requests
  • Managing application state with context API
  • Building reusable UI components
  • Styling React components with CSS and CSS-in-JS libraries
  • Working with external libraries and packages
  • Building responsive layouts in React
  • Testing React components with Jest and Enzyme
  • Optimizing React application performance
  • Deploying React applications
  • Debugging React applications
  • Best practices for organizing and structuring React code
  • Integrating React with backend technologies (e.g., Node.js, Express)
  • Implementing user authentication and authorization in React
  • Working with forms and validation in React
  • Implementing real-time updates with React and WebSocket
  • Using React with popular design systems (e.g., Material-UI, Ant Design)
  • Working with animations and transitions in React
  • Introduction to Postman
  • Creating and managing API requests
  • Setting request headers and parameters
  • Testing and debugging APIs
  • Working with response data
  • Web Hosting: Understand the concept of web hosting for making websites accessible online.
  • FTP: Learn about File Transfer Protocol and its role in uploading files to a web server.
  • FTP Clients: Use FTP client software like FileZilla to establish a connection between your computer and the server.
  • Connect and Upload: Enter server credentials in the FTP client and transfer website files to the server's directory.
  • Troubleshooting: Address common issues and ensure proper file organization and permissions for successful uploading.
  • Freelancing

    This Course also included Freelancing training
  • Understanding the freelancing industry and its benefits
  • Exploring different freelancing platforms and marketplaces
  • Crafting an effective freelancer profile
  • Showcasing skills, experience, and portfolio
  • Strategies for finding and attracting clients
  • Effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Writing compelling proposals and bids
  • Building a reputation and client referrals
  • Setting rates and pricing your services


After successfully completing the course, students will be awarded a certificate of completion

1 month Internship

During the internship, students will be assigned a market-level project that simulates real-world scenarios, providing them with practical experience and enhancing their employability. This project will enable students to showcase their skills and demonstrate their ability to tackle industry-specific challenges, significantly increasing their prospects for finding a job in the field

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